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After several years of development, SLCANADA International Education has gained some achievements in solving the problems encountered by our province in the field of foreign teachers and teacher recruitment.  Based in Tai’an, the company successfully provides services including foreign teachers, curriculum construction, internationalization and curriculum reform for all undergraduate colleges and higher vocational colleges in Tai'an City; it also provides similar services for some colleges and universities in Jinan, Yantai, and Zibo. Our company has solved the real problems in recruiting foreign experts and teachers for various schools, and has been widely praised.
We sincerely hope that through in-depth cooperation with the government, we can create a high-end international talent introduction base. We hope that Tai'an High-tech Zone Government together with Tai'an Foreign Affairs Bureau and Tai'an Education Bureau can cooperate with our company and provide us with policy support and guidance. Through strong support and professional guidance of the government department, it can form a talent introduction model with the full cooperation of education departments, foreign affairs institutions and enterprises, and establish an international education talent introduction platform to effectively deal with a series of issues such as recruitment and management of foreign educational experts, foreign professional teachers and foreign high-end talents in order to make contributions to the talent introduction work in Tai'an City and even Shandong Province.