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SHANDONG SLCANADA EDUCATION CO., LIMITED is a comprehensive international education company with core business of introducing international talents, promoting foreign teachers' ESL courses and subject courses, British Pearson online and offline intelligent learning system and original textbooks of various disciplines, IELTS teaching,HSK teaching, international education services and international human resources service.The company has branches in the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada, South Africa, Greece, Australia and Malaysia. There is a dedicated international recruitment website-www.stlawjob.com, and international recruitment networks all over the world. It has become an international talent introduction platform for high-end foreign talents to come to China with butler management. SLCANADA International Education is a legal oversea-study agency approved by the Bureau of Foreign Experts Affairs. It holds the qualifications of "Private School Running Permit", "Human Resource Service Permit" and "Labor Dispatch Permit". In abroad, it has good cooperative relations with many famous universities in the world. In China, it has strategic cooperation with Xinhuanet. In Shandong Province, it has upgraded and found the Jinan flagship company. On the basis of in-depth cooperation with all undergraduate universities and higher vocational colleges in Tai'an, two branches were set in Qingdao and Yantai.

The mission of SLCANADA International Education is to serve the nation’s overall education strategy and to be an ambassador for Sino-foreign educational cooperation and exchanges; the company’s vision is to build a bridge for the two-way circulation of high-quality educational resources at home and abroad, and to build a truly global international education service network providing solutions to domestic educational needs. Our company is committed to providing a platform and guarantee for the integration of high-quality educational resources at home and abroad.