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We have a number of foreign education experts. These foreign teachers all hold valid foreign work permits approved by the State Administration of Foreign Experts Affairs and international teacher qualification certificate, TEFL or TESOL. And they all have rich teaching experience. Many of these foreign teachers graduated from prestigious universities in the United States and the United Kingdom.



Nanjing Normal University, Master of English Language and Literature, TEM8, IELTS 8.5 points, senior teacher qualification certificate, BC certificate, she once served as a translator for "Overseas Digest" magazine, part-time editor of Youdao Dictionary.

Wang Yu

Ph.D. from Newcastle University, UK, majoring in data mining, IELTS 8 points,he has rich experience in UK study abroad applications and IELTS teaching.He has his own unique original IELTS teaching method and is good at combining Chinese and Western cultur.

Ni Xijun

Master's degree from the University of Edinburgh, IELTS 8.5, Master's degree in English teaching,he has rich experience in studying abroad, teaching Chinese as a foreign language (HSK) and IELTS teaching experience. He’s also a senior oral exam examiner.

Hu Qilong

Master's degree from University of Dublin (UCD), Ireland, 8 points in IELTS, many years of IELTS teaching experience in the university, many times for two-way translation for Chinese guests who come to the University of Dublin and visiting, his teaching .