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When foreign universities enroll domestic college students, the policies of each country and university are also slightly different. Some world-renowned universities are hesitant to college students, and generally will not accept applications unless the applicant has a relatively good personal background. For such colleges and universities, if the college students must go to the undergraduate course, they often need to start from the preparatory course, and it takes more than 4 years to complete the undergraduate course.

For some top-ranked foreign universities, if domestic college students continue to study the same or related majors as the original ones, they can apply for credit reduction or exemption for undergraduate studies based on the subjects and results of the college. Undergraduates in the United States and Canada are generally four-year courses, and undergraduates in the UK, Australia and New Zealand are generally three-year courses. If the college students have a very good academic background, the school will often approve the reduction of certain credits, and some schools can even reduce the credits for one or two years.