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In recent years, domestic colleges and universities have paid more and more attention to overseas academic experience in terms of talent introduction, professional title evaluation, awards and merits. However, considering the school's scheduling needs, teachers have few opportunities to go abroad to study for a degree. Based on various factors, more and more teachers will go abroad as visiting scholars or post-doctoral fellows as their first choice for further studies.
Academic exchanges abroad can broaden teachers' academic horizons, experience foreign teaching concepts, promote international cooperation, and harvest scientific research results. Both the government and the school itself advocate and support capable scholars to go abroad. The specific manifestation is the annual increase in the number of public funding from the state, provincial governments, and schools, and the increasing number of talent projects year by year.
SLCANADA International Education focuses on applications for foreign visiting scholars and post-doctoral positions, and has contacted many teachers and scholars from junior colleges to 985 national key universities, from young teachers who are new to the workplace to famous teachers and professors all over the world.  As every scholar is in a different situation, and their choices for overseas study are also different. Common choices include: publicly-sponsored visiting scholars, publicly-sponsored postdoctoral fellows, self-funded visiting scholars, paid postdoctoral positions and other foreign-funded positions.
Teachers are gardeners of the soul. They use language to sow wisdom, use colored pens to cultivate knowledge, water the future with sweat, and nurture talents with their hard work. However, the road to teachers is hindered and long. SLCANADA International Education is willing to provide teachers overseas opportunities for further studies to match up with scholars from all walks of life from home and abroad.