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The Ministry of Education recently stated in its reply to the "Proposal to Include Luban Workshop in the Master Plan of the Belt and Road Initiative" that the Ministry of Education will continue to work with the National Agency for International Development Cooperation and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and other departments to actively promote the inclusion of Luban Workshop in the "Belt and Road" initiative.  The construction of Luban workshops has been added to the newly signed or renewed educational cooperation agreements between our country and the countries along the "Belt and Road". At the same time, in order to strengthen the mutual coordination of this work, the Ministry of Education will support China Education International Exchange Association to establish a nationwide "Luban Workshop Construction Alliance", responsible for standard development, project establishment, supervision and evaluation, etc., and establish an expert working committee.
The craftsmanship spirit is not an imported product. There is a story about "padding the oxen" recorded in Zhuangzi, and the Luban spirit more than 3000 years ago shows that the blood of the "craftsmanship spirit" has been flowing in the bones of the Chinese people. Luban is a representative of the spirit of Chinese craftsmen and a symbol of high-skilled talents. Luban workshop embodies the achievements and essence of Chinese vocational education, and is the essence of craftsmanship in the integration of industry and education.