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Short-term training of teachers at home and abroad is mainly for the training of teachers who are engaged in teaching work. It is not only to enhance and consolidate the students' current English proficiency and ability, but more importantly, to guide the teaching experience so that teachers can have excellent teaching ability and good oral communication.
Meet a better foreign teacher here to bring together certified foreign teachers from all over the world:Native speaking: a team of foreign teachers from all over the world are selected carefully. Foreign teachers live and work in countries where their mother tongue or official language is English for a long time, and they all hold international teaching qualification certificates.
Rich teaching experience: 
According to the characteristics of the Chinese, we select excellent foreign teachers with many years of teaching experience to bring interactive learning experience to every learner, and be able to adopt various targeted teaching methods.
Strict selection at all levels: All foreign teachers must undergo at least 5 rounds of qualification review before they can enter the trial teaching stage in SLCANADA International Education. With strict foreign teacher management system, the admission rate of foreign teachers is only 3%.
Lifelong Teacher Training Program: With reference to CEFR (Common Framework for European Languages) and TESOL (International Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages) standards, a new teaching model suitable for online users has been developed, and full-time pre-job training, in-class guidance and instruction for all foreign teachers have been implemented. SLCANADA International Education uses advanced AI technology and massive teaching data to continuously improve the teaching performance of foreign teachers.