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Undergraduate Study Abroad

As we all know, foreign colleges and universities have world-class educational resources, relatively flexible and complete educational systems, while domestic high-quality resources are very limited, and the existing educational system can no longer fully meet the needs of students. This is the main reason why people choose to study abroad. Take the United States as an example. Among the top 100 schools in the world, the United States accounts for nearly half. >>More

Foreign CollegeUpgrade

When foreign universities enroll domestic college students, the policies of each country and university are also slightly different. Some world-renowned universities are hesitant to college students, and generally will not accept applications unless the applicant has a relatively good personal background. For such colleges and universities, if the college students must go to the undergraduate course, they often need to start from the preparatory course,>>More

Upgrade Master Degree Abroad

SLCANADA International Education takes "high-end, international, and individualized" as the development strategy to meet the individual needs of students for high-level learning, and is committed to creating an international school brand and image of "overseas direct access, prestigious graduate school" for students. We provide opportunities to study abroad in the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada, Australia and other countries, .>>More

PHD Abroad
What are the advantages of overseas PhD study:Educational bonus: one-thousandth of the top academic qualifications, academic endorsements from prestigious overseas schools, and professional certification scholars.>>More

Student Study Tour On holiday
Let’s go abroad with SLCANADA Study Tour Program! SLCANADA combines vacation travel and study tours perfectly, taking the vacation time to improve foreign language skills or participate in themed study tours to learn more about foreign cultures. You can choose to stay in the dormitories of famous foreign schools and integrate into the local Ace host family; or four-star resort, experience different summer camp environment, >>More