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Currently SLCANADA International Education has many foreign education experts, all of whom are from English-speaking countries and graduated from well-known universities in the United States or the United Kingdom. They all hold the TEFL(TESOL) international teacher qualification certificate and work permit card issued by the National Bureau of Foreign Experts Affairs. All of our foreign teachers have worked in China for many years with rich teaching experience and they are quite familiar with the learning characteristics of Chinese students.

International recruitment
Professional international recruitment site and professional overseas recruitment team

  We have professional recruitment team to directly connects with high-quality faculty resources. We have overseas branches in Canada, the United States, the United Kingdom, Australia, Greece and South Africa, and has full-time foreign employees responsible for overseas recruitment, forming a developed international recruitment network.

Professional recruitment website

  We establish a professional recruitment website named "St. Lawrence Talent Network", hold online overseas special job fairs and organize online cultural communication activities. By which, we provide a more convenient way for overseas high-quality teacher resources, and also provide more choices for us.to select excellent foreign teachers.

Butler management sweeter
  • Landing service

    After the foreign teacher arrives, we provide landing services including airport pick-up, short-distance bus transfers, entering the apartment, handling various official procedures, bank cards and bus cards, the explanation city maps and culture, welcome banquets, food and living environment familiarity, etc.

  • Apartment management

    We provide comfortable and satisfactory apartments for foreign teachers. The basic apartment is two bedrooms and one living room with complete furniture and electrical appliances, all-round cleaning, timely apartment maintenance and management supervision, regular apartment inspections, caring about their daily lives, and solving worries for foreign teachers' work.

  • Teaching Management

    We will conduct regular teaching research seminars for foreign teachers to understand their work performance; we will attend their lectures from time to time in all directions and then do some comment on their lectures, which can help us get a complete comment on a foreign teacher. And we can do some timely changes on teaching based on feedback from the school and students.Each semester, we will select " The Outstanding Foreign Teachers in SL. Canada International Education" based on feedback from schools and students, and award certificates, trophies and bonuses to winners to show encouragement to them.

  • Legal training

    We will invite public security department commissioners to conduct irregular legal training for all foreign teachers on duty, and our legal consultants will also give lectures on the law of China to foreign teachers. By doing these, we can help each foreign teacher understand Chinese laws. And then, they can know the law and abide by the law, and they can legally work and live in China.

  • medical insurance

    After the arrival of a foreign teacher, we will provide landing services, which includes airport pick-up, short-distance bus transfers, entering the apartment, handling official procedures, bank cards and bus cards, explaining local city map and culture, welcome banquets, food and helping him/her know more about his/her living environment, etc.