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SLCanada International Education is a platform dedicated to the docking and exchange of high-level talents and projects at home and abroad. It is set up to meet the needs of enterprises to recruit high-end professional and technical talents and business management talents. The whole process of service is completed by a professional consulting team. Through rich industry experience and huge talent network resources, the company succeeded the enterprise in completing talent discovery, visit, evaluation, selection, interview, entry and other recruitment. The service directly reaches the final goal of the recruitment process. The service aims to improve the efficiency of enterprise specific talent recruitment and achieve win-win development of enterprises and talents.
The exclusive human resources consultant team provides the enterprise with recruitment solutions, including three types of services: talent search, senior talent recommendation and headhunting.
For qualified candidates, we will provide all the following services:

Position Matching
Search and find universities or enterprises that you are interested in, that is, candidates do not need to spend time looking for supporting units;
Platform Docking
Coordinate and arrange the person in charge of the other party to connect with you, so as to ensure that the candidate can directly connect with the person who makes the decision;
Document Embellishment
Be responsible for sorting and revising the declaration you submitted, and the declaration will be revised by relevant experts;
Expert Guidance
Instruct experts to conduct mock defense, including PPT modification and PPT presentation skills;
Landing Tracking
If you are selected, we will assist you to settle down in the local area, apply for housing subsidies and children's enrollment of school.
Service Content
Full process recruitment service for high-end talents, service follow-up during probation period