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Overseas Degree Application

In recent years, domestic colleges and universities have paid more and more attention to overseas academic experience in terms of talent introduction, professional title evaluation, awards and merits. However, considering the school's scheduling needs, teachers have few opportunities to go abroad to study for a degree. Based on various factors, more and more teachers will go abroad as visiting scholars or post-doctoral fellows as their first choice for further studies.>>More


Teacher overseas visits

In academia, visiting scholars/visiting researchers/visiting lecturers or visiting professors (visiting scholar, visiting researcher, visiting fellow, visiting lecturer or visiting professor) can be classified as visiting scholars. It refers to scholars from a certain institution being invited to another university/institution to conduct lectures, lectures, academic research and other activities. Visiting scholars are usually unpaid positions that last from several months to a year. Under certain circumstances, the position of visiting scholars can also be extended.
The evaluation of school titles requires overseas academic experience, and because of this people who entered the job later than me were promoted ahead of schedule.>>More


Advantages of visiting scholar application:

1.Welfare treatment: free to listen to the course, enjoy school bus, library, laboratory and other welfare treatment;
2.Academic improvement: Regular communication with tutors is helpful for academic improvement;
3.Legal status: 3-24 months of legal status, together with the spouse and children;
4.Children's education: the spouse works legally, and the children enjoy free compulsory education;  >>More