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Single-line foreign teachers
Foreign teachers from native English-speaking countries have their unique advantages in English teaching in colleges and universities, so it is inevitable to hire foreign teachers to teach English in foreign language schools. However, the current English teaching in colleges and universities mainly focuses on books and English preparation for CET-4 and CET-6, and "Chinglish" is more common.The shortage of foreign teachers and the prevalence of test-oriented education concept have led to insufficient cultivation of students' practical English application ability and poor English language output ability. Some students who intend to study abroad take improper methods when they prepare for IELTS and other western localized English ability tests, resulting in unsatisfactory test scores.
This project aims to introduce foreign teachers, improve the role of foreign teachers in English teaching, give full play to the oral advantages of foreign teachers in English class, increase students' extracurricular English activities, provide them with opportunities to be exposed to western languages and culture, stimulate students' interest in English learning, so as to improve the effect of English teaching in our school.At the same time, IELTS and other comprehensive courses are offered to meet the students' needs of studying abroad and preparing for exams, and to promote the internationalization process of the university.

Foreign teacher + Pearson
Pearson is a world leader in various disciplines of high education , providing universities with global high-quality education resources, technologies and learning tools to help teachers and students get measurable and guaranteed learning outcomes.Continuous innovation is an important factor for Pearson to maintain its position in the world. As an innovation leader of global high education, in rencent years, Pearson has been actively cooperating with educational institutions of different countries and multinational enterprises, focusing on curriculum content innovation and teaching mode exploration, improving the quality and efficiency of high education, and helping teachers and students get measurable and guaranteed learning outcomes. It is the cornerstone of all Pearson's educational actions to continuously pay attention to the needs and learning outcomes of learners. 
It is also the goal that domestic colleges and universities is pursuing to innovate, ensure the learning outcomes of higher education and keep pace with the international standards. However, there are some common problems in English teaching in high education: the teaching materials are old and the key teaching points in these are still vocabulary and grammar, and the cultivation of students' listening and speaking ability is weak; Teaching methods can not meet the teaching objectives, and in addition to the teaching with multimedia in class, there is no way to let students form learning coherence before and after class; the teaching effect is not obvious, which is reflected in the fact that after two years of college English study, many students still can not understand the authentic English, cannot carry out basic daily communication, and cannot complete basic English writing; English teaching can not well meet the needs of students, such as work, postgraduate entrance exams and going abroad.
In order to solve the problems mentioned above, we Shandong SLCanada International Education reached a cooperation agreement with Dongfang College, Shandong University of Finance and Economics: we will integrate the original English textbook North Star and intelligent system named My English Lab developed by Pearson into the English listening and speaking course for foreign teachers of grade 19 undergraduates, which can effectively solve the above problems in English teaching, realize the process management of students' English learning, and let students really be exposed to authentic language materials to improve their listening and speaking ability.
The Implantation of Pearson system will influence the undergraduates of 2019. According to the courses arrangement of the academic affairs office, there are 26 teaching classes, and each class has one foreign teaching class per week. During a class, students need to learn the original textbooks in the Pearson system according to the teaching requirements of foreign teachers. And after class,students need to log in to the Pearson system to learn the original textbooks and complete online homework .
The first stage of the program has been successfully completed, in which students need to complete registration, start teaching and complete online homework before and after class according to the arrangement of the foreign teacher. At the same time, they need to carefully listen to the teaching of the foreign teacher in class.In the execution of the next step, in order to guarantee the further implementation of the project, to really improve students' English listening and speaking skills and to cultivate the students' English learning autonomy, we Shandong SLCanada International Education will strengthen the communication with international exchange office, English teaching and research office and  international business school of Dongfang collegeensure Pearson smooth operation of the project, ensure the quality of foreign teachers' teaching and actively carry out activities for foreign teachers and students to stimulate students' interest in Learning English.
From the perspective of students, the teaching and research office of SLCanada will regularly check the homework assignments of foreign teachers and the completion of homework of students from the backstage of the Pearson system, timely sort out the list of students who did not complete the homework or poorly completed and urge them to complete their homework on time with good quality. In addition, the teaching and research office will plan to design questionnaire to ask the students for some suggestions about foreign teachers' lessons and Pearson system and then to make a more reasonable plan for the implementation of the project according to the students' feedback.

International Class
According to the "Opinions of the Ministry of Education on Accelerating the Construction of High-level Undergraduate Education and Comprehensively Improving the Ability of Talent Training" (Jiaogao [2018] No. 2), the "Ministry of Education, National Health Commission, and the State Administration of Traditional Chinese Medicine on Strengthening the Collaborative Practice of Medical Education" (Jiaogao [2018] No. 2), focusing on the fundamental task of moral education, we will deepen the reform of the training mode of innovative personnel, promote the integration of science and education, promote the collaborative education of medicine and education, cultivate innovative medical personnel with a sense of historical mission and social responsibility, a spirit of innovation and practical ability.
The English teaching project of the 2019 and 2020 clinical medicine international classes of Shandong First Medical University is one of the specific actions of the university to implement the education strategy of integration of science and education, coordination of medicine and education and international cooperation. The purpose of this project is  to deepen the reform of top-notch and innovative medical talent training mode with the full help of social forces, and carry out personalized and elite training for 2019 and 2020 international classes of clinical medicine. By which, the comprehensive clinical ability of medical students will get improved;the clinical scientific research potential of medical students will be cultivated ; and the international vision of medical students will be broadened. Another aim of this project is to cultivate a group of high-quality innovative and research-based undergraduate talents, who have solid discipline foundation, outstanding innovative spirit and clinical practice ability, broad international vision, lasting research learning ability and core competitiveness, in the fields of medical science and clinical application. This can provide strategic talent reserve for the long-term development of the university.
Two years after the international class started, our company has provided a full range of services for international class students through effective communication and collaboration with multiple departments of Shandong First Medical University. In terms of policy, we communicate with the administrative staff of the School of Foreign Languages and the School of Basic Medicine in time,and control the teaching contents of foreign teaching courses, salon activities and IELTS courses. In terms of class arrangement, we communicate with the Academic Affairs Section in time to arrange the class time for foreign teachers and IELTS teachers and ensure the class is carried out on time. In terms of examination arrangements, we communicate with the examination service center in time to do a good job in examination paper design, and In terms of examination arrangements, communicate with the examination service center in a timely manner, do a good job in examination paper design, time arrangement, examination discipline, and submit scores to strictly abide by the school's regulations in time arrangement, examination discipline, and submit scores. In the following project execution, we will continue to improve the efficiency of communication and collaboration, and do a good job in international class English teaching projects with quality and quantity.
At the beginning of 2020, affected by the epidemic, most of the courses  have to be taught online. Although the teaching effect is also very satisfactory, the originally planned activities, such as salon and English corner, cannot be realized, which caused that the situational teaching of Western culture and language did not achieve good results. In the future, we will continue to ensure the teaching quality of all courses, and carry out more salon activities and English corners when conditions are suitable at the same time.
We have the most advanced teaching methods and the highest quality teaching resources. This is the characteristics of us, and this is also the guarantee for serving Shandong First Medical University to do well in international class projects. In the following project execution, we will introduce more high-quality teaching methods and teaching resources for international classes within a reasonable range and carry out more meaningful salon activities with different themes .In addition, we will get more information about the needs of students and make reasonable plans for both foreign teachers and IELTS classes to ensure students' learning effects.